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Welcome to another interview for my Wholehearted Living Series, where I talk to some inspiring people about living a more authentic, creative and connected life inspired by nature, the seasons and what they’re most passionate about.

I’d like to introduce you to Kat Byles, Business and Creativity Consultant and Founder of True Business School, who credits an immersion in the wonder of nature, with restoring her wellness after burnout and inspiring a new way of being in business.

I’ve known Kat for many years and she’s supported me at various points in my business career. Kat has a heart-led approach to business, focusing on helping others find their true purpose in life and to work in a way that makes their heart sing. Kat has incredible intuition and working with her is a truly beautiful experience. I always walk away from spending time with Kat feeling grounded and inspired to continue with what I’m passionate about in life. She is the epitome of living a wholehearted and creative life…

What inspired you to start True Business and the True Business School?

As a global communications director working with the biggest names in sport I burnt out. My intuition took me to Antigua for a holiday, or so I thought. On the last day swimming in the sea my intuition spoke clearly: “you need to come back for a month and float in the sea every day.”

I returned 5 weeks later and walked barefoot on the sand, swam in the sea, ate mangoes from the tree and this immersion in nature restored my wellness. Then it began to feed me with inspiration for True Business – a new way of being in business that’s natural to you.

This transformed my life, so I invited other creatives, artists, teachers, healers, therapists, writers to follow their heart’s wisdom in business. Firstly on The Antigua Retreat and now with the True Business course; and coming soon the book, ‘Your True Business – unleash your heart’s wisdom on what you were born for.’

View of Darkwood in Antigua

Does nature have any influence on your business?  If so, in what way?

Nature is at the very heart of True Business. When we align with Source, the energy of life that delights in creating the moon, the stars, the rivers and oceans, you and me, we delight in creating our True Business. The Antigua Retreat purposefully brings women into nature to relax in warm sunshine, soak up the inspiration from the sea and open up to the pathway of their heart in business.

How does nature inspire your work?  Tell me more…

Nature helps me align with Source and create my business in harmony with the creative flow. If I’m stuck, I head to the beach, lie on the sand and relax, ask the sea, my source of inspiration, for the way forwards. After being on the computer all day I love swimming in the sea to clear my head.

Do you have a favourite season?  If so, why?

In Antigua there are no obvious seasons, unless you count mango and hurricane season! In Mango season there are fruits so plentiful they fall from trees on to the roadside. In England I love the rebirth of spring, all the songbirds, blossom, new life emerging, the promise of longer summer days.

Your favourite ‘little piece of wonder’?

As I sit in Crabbe Hill Village in Antigua, I look out across the Caribbean Sea glistening in the sunlight, towards the Island of Monserrat, a cat saunters up the road. A lizard scurries up the side of the house. Butterflies dance about the scrub and a lovebird coos in the distance. The trees are swaying in the breeze and a peace descends on the village. These moments of wonder teeming with life are favourites.

Crabbe Hill Beach to Montserrat in Antigua

What advice do you have for living a more connected life?

Listen to your heart’s wisdom every day. Whether that is in a moment of stillness, meditation, or a walk in nature, painting, journaling, dancing, running, wild swimming.

Where do you get your creative inspiration from?

Everywhere. The sea, sweeping vistas and horizons, seeing people shining in their true essence, writing and journaling, synergistic encounters and exchanges with others, films, music, exercise, the community of creative pioneers in the True Business School; sitting in the gardens of a beautiful country house, a raindrop.

What advice do you have for getting more creative in life?

See and appreciate the beauty right in front of you in each moment.

How does nature impact the way you choose to live your life?

I’ve chosen to live in a country warm enough to be outside all day; to live by the sea. This is where I feel healthy. I struggle with mild depression under the grey skies of the UK.

Monserrat Sunset, Antigua

What do you think nature can teach us?

To heal. Being in nature restored my wellness after burn out. We need to learn to respect and live in harmony with nature rather than pollute and destroy it.

What advice would you give for making the most of the current season?

Listen to the songbirds, take deep breaths of fresh air, long walks in nature, and appreciate the beauty of new life emerging. Beauty moves us into the crystal clear thinking of our heart’s wisdom. Here we are open, expansive and free to explore possibility. Doubts and fears, ego agenda’s and limitations fall away. After a tough winter in lockdown, welcome this!

True Business, the 6-week online course to unleash your heart’s wisdom on what you were born for begins on 19 April 2021 (£500). There’s a 10% discount for Little Piece of Wonder readers. Email: kat@katbyles.com to register and quote ‘Little Piece of Wonder’ to obtain your discount. Find out more here.

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