A Seasonal Year: Reflection & Renewal in Business

“Mother Nature knows exactly what she’s doing:  it’s the same process every year”.  A Seasonal Year

For many years I have believed that the natural world holds great wisdom.  I find comfort in the consistency of the gentle flow of the seasons, the sunrise and sunset.  Nature has been my anchor, helping me to feel grounded in challenging times, and regularly brings me a sense of awe, as I marvel at how intelligent the earth is, without human intervention.

Last year, an opportunity arose for me to embark on a 12-month course to help me run my business in alignment with the seasons.  I’d never really considered how this would be possible, so I was intrigued.  As well as a writer for Psychologies, I also run a freelance PA company, and am developing my blog Little Piece of Wonder.

A Seasonal Year is a transformative course designed for small business owners to help rewild their approach to work, aiming to realign businesses with the ebb and flow of the seasons.

Created by Founders of Folk and Field (a community for ‘wildhearted wanderers and seekers of slow and those who long for a simpler life inspired by the natural world’), Maddy Lawson and Eleanor Cheetham.  Two friends who share a love of nature and a belief in the magic of connection.

I began my journey in October, when Autumn was upon us and winter was about to set in.  The natural world had already started to retreat, which was the first cue of the course.  Reflection.  It’s so common in our fast-paced society to go full steam ahead in the lead up to Christmas, and it can be the busiest time of the year for some small businesses, particularly if you are selling products. Then January comes and the focus is on goal setting, launching into new projects and making resolutions for the year ahead, which can leave us exhausted.  But, stop for a moment and look outside.  Nature has turned inward, it’s quiet and calm, there is no frenetic activity, and this is where the guidance and wisdom lie.  This is the message that we can bring back into our work.  This is a time for introspection, for reflection and rest.  Continue reading here.

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