Welcome to Little Piece of Wonder.  I am Emma Coxon,  a city girl, who moved to the countryside a few years ago, and now live in a little thatched cottage in Wiltshire with my husband and daughter.

Hippy at heart, adventurer, lover of travel, camping and the great outdoors, art, photography, people, places and all things natural.

I am on a journey to re-connect with myself, and to live a slower paced and more intentional life; by embracing the wonder of nature and the seasons and taking more time to get creative.  My passions in life include art, photography, writing and walking in nature with my little family and I have set out to do more of these things every day, as I’ve realised the joy and importance of doing what you’re passionate about.

My day job is Food & Living Editor for Psychologies magazine.  I believe our work and passions should overlap somehow so that we are living a more authentic life that brings us fulfilment.

The quieter we become, the more we can hear”  Rumi

I am learning to ‘unplug & re-charge’ more regularly; to paint, draw, knit, read, listen, connect more fully with others and explore nature and my surroundings.

I will be sharing my own experiences, and also those of others, through interviews with inspiring artists, makers, holistic health practitioners and others living a creative and more connected life in my Wholehearted Living series.

I hope to encourage others to take the time to find out what brings them joy and get out there and live it.  Focusing on simple living, what inspires them and if they don’t already know, getting quiet enough to hear what it is that makes their heart sing.